Documentary Reveals Secrets To Conscious Mind Wellness!

"Join us on our journey to understanding the secrets of the mind, body, and spirit"

Transform Your Mind, Body, And Spirit.

Conscious Mind Wellness is a documentary dedicated to a lifestyle that integrates fitness with spirituality.  Follow Justin and his friends on their journey to understanding the Mind, Body, and Spirit connection.  You will meet dedicated professionals from each field of discipline along the way.


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Find The Secrets of Conscious Mind Wellness Through Some Of The Most Influential Teachers On The Planet...

Koi Fresco

Published Author of "A (Not So) Enlightened Youth"

Brandon Roudeboush

Videographer of:
Pixel Lab Studios

Josh Mcintyre

Manager / Personal Trainer at:
St. Clair Fitness

David May

Yoga & Fitness Instructor

Justin Locante

Creator of Conscious Mind Wellness Documentary

Anthony Burns

Motivational Speaker

Stephanie Wendell

Holistic Therapist/Reiki Master Nemicolon Woodlands Resort

Will Heindell

Spiritual Psychologist

Dee Barker

CEO of Better Body Image

Luke Raymer

Owner Of Pittsburgh Float Tanks

Mary Heindell


Nick Kazcka

Made His Transformation With Conscious Mind Wellness

The Amazing Cafe

Hosted By: 
Sadie Conley

Alik Minikahnov

Lead Holistic Therapist
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Karleen Bileck

Bodybuilder / Personal Trainer at:
St. Clair Fitness

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Pre-Release Reviews

"I use to think that eating correctly was the only secret to a happy and successful lifestyle. Conscious Mind Wellness has shown me new and exciting possibilities for "happiness and long term success!

- Sadie Conley

"Conscious Mind Wellness opened my mind to a new type of productivity. By focusing my energy and using it through its most efficient form I am now able to master my schedule from morning to night every week."

- Chris Sammarone

"Since viewing the documentary my connection with my music has become much more meaningful. Now that I understand how to have a positive mind I can now understand how to write positive music."

- Anthony Batista

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